Poster and Volunteer for a Pet in Need of Foster Homes

Volunteers are needed for Belleville Area Humane Society, Gateway Pet Guardians and other organizations to provide temporary shelters for animals in the area before heavy rains hit. Foster homes are required for dogs that have been adopted from shelters.

Please contact the Education & Voluntary Coordinator for assistance and ideas!

Be Creative

You can do many things to help animals. There are so many things you can do, from DIY service learning to organizing supply drives. Spreading the word on pet overpopulation, animal safety and encouraging people think about adopting or spaying/neutering their pets could also be a big help!

Organise an event to raise money for the shelter. Businesses like Petco and Petsmart organized successful fundraisers by distributing fliers describing the shelter’s needs at their checkout counters.

Create posters that address issues such as overpopulation of animals or safety concerns. Or, make a weekly poster that features one of our adoptable dogs or cats! You can also host a coin-drive under clever names like Pennies for Pets (or Dimes for Dogs), Cash for Cats or Dimes for Dogs.

Want to know what your customers want?

Belleville Volunteer and a Pet, a Belleville non-profit organization, is dedicated to helping Belleville pets in all sizes and shapes. They have adoption events, community outreach programs, spay/neuter initiatives, and community involvement activities.

Their Wish List Drive is one of their most popular programs. They have an ecommerce cart on their website that makes it easy to donate or purchase items. They have a tool to help you find local charities in your area – their donations are tax deductible because they work with several 501(c3)s. You can also post questions in their community forum and ask for answers from other users!

Take part in a coin drive

Coin drives are a great way to bring together people in the community. Coin drives can be held at local businesses such as banks or credit unions, or by schools or churches.

The PTO of LJ’s Belleville school organized a coin-drive to help a Ukrainian refugee family who was in need of the money that they had saved up in Canada. Students collected bags and buckets of coins to put in containers that would be shared among themselves and the family.

Another successful coin drive is Kids Coin Drive for Varietas in British Columbia. This campaign, spearheaded by children that received assistance from Variety and now give back to Variety, has raised more than $1.5 million for children in British Columbia who need help since 2010. This annual fundraising event, which begins in early November and ends on Christmas Eve, requires volunteers.

Organise an Event

From simple cocktail parties or gala dinners to elaborate gala dinners, events are a great way to engage with your target audience. Well-executed events can have a significant impact on brand recognition, employee morale and sales growth.

It is important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how to get there. This applies to any event, big or small. Setting clear expectations for what the event will achieve and how it will be achieved can make brainstorming creative and effective ways to spread awareness about your organization and animals that you help much easier. You might even be surprised at the number of people who show up in support of your cause.